I’m Back

I swore when I left Wells River, Vermont, that I would never come back to this state ever again…

Thank goodness I wasn’t holding my breath because it took me five years to break that promise to myself.

So the girls and I moved from Wells River, VT. to Utica, NE. Lived there for 4 years, got married to a woman in AZ, moved to AZ because she had cancer, and we knew that we needed to be there while she was going through it.

Form AZ we moved to… You guessed it, Vermont. But at least this time we are in a more populated city, Saint Johnsbury. Though the irony is that the wife works at Walmart in Woodsville, NH, just across the river from where we lived before we left, ergo, she now has a 30-minute drive there and back, and how wonderful it will be for her in the winter. 🙂

So here I am, kids back in school, wife at work, so I can now take this time sitting here and get back to my book, with a renewed motivation.

I reposted the first three chapters, and am now back to working on chapter four. And of course I can get back on my Goodreads account, and get back to reading.

God, I hate the snow…