Chapter One – The Tiki Call

The Corridors of Eternity

“Will I have to wait long”, she said as another tear rolled down the image of her face. “Alas, the people will need more time than we are accustomed to before I will be able to wake you.” The man in the mist said softly to her, holding back his own tears.

With both of them holding hands and looking into the images of their eyes, he slowly approaches her and leans down to kiss her goodbye for now. “My love for you lasts beyond the corridors of eternity, the God and Goddess will never let us be apart for too long. The people will always need us, and there will always be lifetimes for us to be together” he said, stepping back preparing to release her hands. “I await the moment where every breath I take in and exhale, will be a declaration of my love for you”, she whispered as the mist began to shroud them both, causing him to slowly disappear, as his hands released hers. ” I await the day that you will follow me, and make my broken love whole again”. His words echoing, as the mist covered him in silky clouds, leaving her alone, only to have that mist that enveloped and carried him away, now slowly blowing away, revealing a lush tropical paradise surrounding her.

An island paradise, forever untouched by the sands of time she walked amongst. The textured browns of the tree trunks with bright green drooping leaves crowned upon them. The colorful flowers of differing heights, some trampled upon as she walked the jungle floor, others swaying back and forth in their reds, whites, oranges, and blues, moving between shadow and light, from the canopy of green above. The God and Goddess had prepared this paradise for the two Tiki’s, a resting place in-between trips to the mortal world, a place where they waited within the corridors of eternity, until the next Tiki Call.

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