Kaliki Come Home

Kaliki Come Home

Cast of Characters

Robert Smith -Wahini not yet awake. (Protagonist)

Gabrielle Towne – Kaliki not yet awake. (Protagonist)

Walani – Male Tiki assigned to Earth

Kaliki – Female Tiki assigned to Earth

Samuel the Prophet – An old homeless beachcomber.

Mikey – Gabbie’s high school friend

Lisa – Gabbie’s high school friend

Mel – Gabbie’s childhood friend

Rob – Gabbie’s childhood friend

The residentsĀ of North County Coastal San Diego, California

The Tourists(Antagonists)

Table Of Contents

One – The Tiki Call:

Sitting on the edge of their bed, she put her head in her hands, her long curly hair falling from off of her shoulders, now covering her arms, and deeply cried. “Please Ka’wani, I will fail, I cannot do this, bring him back, the people will destroy us.” She said through her trembling fingers and tears.

Two – Walani:

“This girl is a domestic enemy doctor. She is a subversive communist sympathizer. What can you tell us about her.” The officer said professionally, with pencil and notebook in hand, ready to gather evidence against a nameless baby boy, and the misguided teen that died in order that he could live.

Three – Kaliki:

Her mother thought it was great that she had such an affinity for the beach, but at the same time, it worried her that she had become so eccentric at such a young age. It seemed as if she had some sort of strange obsession, a magnetism towards the water in a worrisome sort of way.

Four – The Prophet

Five – Mikey & Lisa

Six – Rob & Mel

Seven – Robert Smith

Eight – The 80’s

Nine – The 90’s

Ten – Gabrielle Towne

Eleven – All grown up

Twelve – Impatience

Thirteen – Year 1

Fourteen – Year 2

Fifteen – Year 3

Sixteen – The Meeting

Seventeen – Work

Eighteen – Wrong

Nineteen – Marriage at Dawn

Twenty – The Honeymoon

Twenty One – Awake

Twenty Two – Chaos

Twenty Three – Gabrielle’s Rebellion

Twenty Four – The Two Are Now One

Twenty Five – The Four Are Together

Twenty Six – The Sands

Twenty Seven – The Sea

Twenty Eight – The City

Twenty Nine – The People

Thirty – Failure

Thirty One – Time

Thirty Two – Time’s Up

Thirty Three – The Return

Thirty Four – Her Departure

Thirty Five – The Corridors of Eternity